Training: Week 4

It was 32 degrees in London this week. That's right- 32! It has been an absolute dream, it's a shame we still have to go to work and can't lay out in the sun all day eating ice cream. As gorgeous as it's been, it's been really tough on the training side. I don't want to complain about the heat as we spend all our time wishing for it but it's too damn hot to train! I have struggled this week not just with doing it but the motivation too. The sun has made me so sleepy and sleeping at night is next to impossible so it's been a real uphill battle this week.

Week 4: swim 3.7km / bike 37.5km / run 22.5km

Monday: Rest day which meant bbq and sleeping in front of the fan!

Tuesday: 2k of swimming before work which would have been refreshing but even the damn pool felt like a bath. Running in the evening as tough going. It was just so damn hot!! I struggled, looking like a total fool for 45 mins but I felt so damn proud of myself for getting it done.

Wednesday: Track was cancelled this week. I did a brick session which is a cycle and then a run directly after. 45mins on the bike, even quite slowly, turned my legs to total jelly. I managed a poor 2 and a bit kms and promptly collapsed in a heap on the floor. Need to work on that!

Thursday: Another bath..I mean swim. It was so warm I actually took off my swim hat and forgot about cool down as I was dying. I managed 1.7km but it felt like the toughest swim I've had in a while. 45mins on the bike in the evening. I got up a hill I'd been eying for a while which felt amazing. Shame the long line of drivers behind me didn't agree!

Friday: Rest day but worth a mention as I went to the outdoor cinema to see La La Land which was brilliant. Ryan Gosling is a dream!

Saturday: I overslept- which never happens - and missed my cycle. I was so upset but knowing that I never oversleep showed me how much I needed the rest!

Sunday: Long run in z2. I got a new Garmin which tells me my heat rate so although more accurate it felt naff as it z2 is painfully slow. I did a pretty pathetic 12km in 1.29 so I wasn't thrilled. As I had a busy day, I got up at 5am to get it in as well so all in all, I was quite irritated!


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