Training: Week 5

I've struggled a little this week with self doubt and motivation. I'm not sure if I can do it and I've felt old nerves creeping back in. I've tried to just focus on the training session ahead and "trust the process" but it's a scary thought; not finishing. I don't want to dwell on it so let's just stay positive and get into this week's training!

Week 5: Swim 2km / Bike / Run
JUNE: 9 hours 4 min | 346.17km

Tuesday: I changed it up a little this week and did my run before work instead of my swim. This was mainly because I'd gone to the mega effort of straightening my hair so I wanted at least 2 days out of this! Run was good but slow and surprisingly quite pleasant at 6am. Swimming in the evening was a massive chore and the pool was busy. Back to usualy schedule next week I think!

Wednesday: Back to track. A pretty meh session consisting of 6 x 400m with 50seconds rest done twice. I managed 4 x 400m twice which I was happy with but I felt slow. It was quite a surprise to see my watch say that I was getting faster as I haven't felt it much recently at all. Progress!

Thursday: Pool swim in the morning getting my usual 2k in. It was a lot of legs drills which left me feeling like jelly but the sign of a good workout. I must have been truly shattered as I was working from home and so went back home and accidently fell asleep again waking up just in time to log on for 9am! In the evening, it was pretty miserable so I went back to the gym and did some strength. Then I hopped on the wattbike and cycled.

Frid/Sat: Well this was a fail! I tried to take my pedals off and put my new ones on for my long Saturday ride but unfortunately one pedal was just stuck and refused to come off. It look my dad, boyfriend, boyfriend's dad and eventually the guy in the bike shop to whack it off! So I missed my ride which was annoying but I learnt a lot about cleaning my bike and how to take care of it!

Sunday: Long run. I adjusted my heart rate zones and ran for 1 hour 30. I still had to walk to stay in zone 2 at times but altogether, it was a better run so I am a happy bunny going into tomorrow' rest day!

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