Crawley 10k

I was going swimming on Sunday morning and a group of guys mentioned that they would be running after. I thought I'd take my things incase I felt like it and next thing I knew, I was signing up to a 10k trail run. After a long ass swim set my legs couldn't have felt less prepared but I ended up having a great time, even if I ran/walked pretty poorly.

Sussex XC League, Goodwood

It's that time of the year when you're not sure if you're going to get beautiful sunshine or cold, angry rain. It could be mild or desperately freezing. You may need wellies or be covered in mud, a winter coat, a rain jacket or just a could only mean one thing. Cross country time! On Saturday I went down to Goodwood for the Sussex Cross Country League.


I have just got back from a well deserved (in my opinion!) break in Barbados. The weather was a delicious 30 degrees and the sea was considerably more pleasant than Weymouth! It was nice to just do nothing; no bike or run and my only swims were snorkelling or lazing in the warm Caribbean sea. It felt good to eat whatever the heck I fancied and not think about things like protein shakes, only run punches!

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