Crawley 10k

I was going swimming on Sunday morning and a group of guys mentioned that they would be running after. I thought I'd take my things incase I felt like it and next thing I knew, I was signing up to a 10k trail run. After a long ass swim set my legs couldn't have felt less prepared but I ended up having a great time, even if I ran/walked pretty poorly.

The Route
This is not a road race, it is not flat in the slightest. It started with a lap of the track then it moved out into the forest and it went up and up and up. We did 2 laps of Tilgate lake which is pretty even to be fair and had a lovely long downhill to the finish but after 8k of HILL.

The Distance

The Price
£20 which I thought was a bit steep for a local run but hey ho. You get a medal and 2 water stops for the price but I think £10 would probably have covered it!

The Organisation
So casual, it was lovely. Lots of on the day entries, myself included. It was very informal, write your details on a bit of paper, pay entry and then stick your hand in the safety pin box. Lots of very friendly and encouraging marshals who had a good sense of humour too ("YES! Well done, only 8k to go!").

Everything Else
A really nice local race. Lots of hills which even though I hate, do make for a good race. I came 9/34 in my age category which I was SO happy with considering I did a lot of walking up those hills and I haven't run for more than 20mins since the half ironman. The results were up on the site within a few hours and the photos were up by the evening too. My fave part was the Jaffa Cakes at the end!

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