I have just got back from a well deserved (in my opinion!) break in Barbados. The weather was a delicious 30 degrees and the sea was considerably more pleasant than Weymouth! It was nice to just do nothing; no bike or run and my only swims were snorkelling or lazing in the warm Caribbean sea. It felt good to eat whatever the heck I fancied and not think about things like protein shakes, only run punches!

I loved it but to be really really honest, I felt kinda lost. After following a training programme quite closely for around 16 weeks, it was weird not having some kind of plan. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed myself but I also felt very fidgety and a bit like I was wasting my time. It's nice to be back home, albeit a little chilly, and back to some kind of normality.

My next "big" race is the Marathon in April. I didn't get into London...for the 6th year running so it'll be a local one but I'm excited. If you've been following I've been trying to run a marathon since 2015 but something always seems to get in the way! I'm really focused on nailing it in 2018 so that what's I'm going to work to for the next few months.

That being said, I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed the half Ironman. I ran the slowest half marathon of life (2.29) but somehow I still found a 5k PB in there somewhere!! It must have been towards the beginning of the run! I really want to improve on my time across the 3 and see if I can record a better finish time. Next year the 70.3 in Weymouth is even later in September so it'll be even colder so if I'd like another crack, I might have to find a warmer race as I don't think I could survive much colder!

I'll keep you posted on what's going on. Now that I'm settled and found my groove in my not-so-new job, I should be able to step up my blogging game. I missed you guys!

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