Sussex XC League, Goodwood

It's that time of the year when you're not sure if you're going to get beautiful sunshine or cold, angry rain. It could be mild or desperately freezing. You may need wellies or be covered in mud, a winter coat, a rain jacket or just a could only mean one thing. Cross country time! On Saturday I went down to Goodwood for the Sussex Cross Country League.

The Route
It is fair to say "undulating" is runner code for HILLS. And lots of them! It was a nice dry route which helped with the one downhill as it wasn't slippy but mainly, it just went up! A short loop followed by a larger loop and then back along the first loop to finish.

The Distance
5k for women and I think it was 8k for the men. I thought, oh cool just a 5k... Ha ha a cross country 5k is not a road 5k!

The Price
A sweet £5. I think it is only open to club runners though.

The Organisation
Very relaxed; a little white tent to register yourself. All of the clubs had their own little 2 man tent for holding bags with ours having a single chair for a bit of post run relaxing! Lots of lovely volunteers giving out "nearly there girl" and "good running" comments.

Everything Else
An absolutely mission away but all in all, a nice run. It was really heartening to hear lots of "go on Crawley" from strangers and my club friend giving me a cheer. After a shitty night the day before, they really perked me up. What are friends for? :)

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