Marathon Diaries: The London Marathon

After 15 weeks of training, I ran the London Marathon! Thank you all so much for your support, encouragement and love. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did running it!

Marathon Diaries: week 15

The final week! The last physio appointment, the last little jog around the track and then the Marathon Expo!!! It's nearly here and I am bloody EXCITED!!!!!! ......and I got my lashes done :)

Marathon Diaries: week 14

Oh dear, this was not a good week. I had a bad tummy for the beginning of the week and then it all ended in tears after a bad run. Need to pick myself up a little this week as the marathon is in a week and there's no time for self doubt or worrying if I have done enough. 

Marathon Diaries: week 13

It's been a nice week, some solid runs and a lovely track session with Dave who is a marathon legend! He was kind enough to give me some advice and run with me down at the track which was great. I saw some sunshine...FINALLY which was just the morale boost I needed!

Marathon Diaries: week 12

The long run last week absolutely destroyed me. I have never had a week where I've just felt so exhausted all of the time. This week is mainly an epic booty workout to help that peach grow!!

Marathon Diaries: week 11

This week was 90% alcohol, 10% running BUT it was a bloody good 10%! I had a week in our Sussex office with the whole team so it was a lot of mandatory team building through drinking but I did my longest ever run on Sunday and my last long long run! I am very happy but utterly exhausted!

Marathon Diaries: week 10

I thought it was week 11 but actually it was week 10, duh! A good week of training; 2 Barry's classes, 2 runs, 1 track session and a whole lotta snow! Come on warm weather, where you at? I'm ready for you!

Marathon Diaries: week 9

Hello! No marathoning last week due to the snow storm that was so amusingly titles the "Beast from the East". This week wasn't much better as I have picked up a cough that just will not go away and the fact that my work team are serious drinkers! I think I have drunk more miles than I have run at this point but I continue on....

Marathon Diaries: week 7

I've been sick still this week! It just won't bloody go away but I had Brighton Half Marathon at the end of this week and not doing wasn't much of an option so I sucked it up and got on with it. I ramble on quite a bit this week but it's a bit of an insight into me: chatty, scared of spiders, not a fan of turbo!

Marathon Diaries: week 6

Oh what a fail this week has been! I've come down with the lurgy so sorry for the very short, very non training-y video.
Hopefully back to normal next week!

Marathon Diaries: Week 5

It has been one cold, miserable week in London! I have had a great 7 days though; Barry's, boxing and a long run along the sea from in Brighton. It's probably been one of the first weeks in a while where I've been super happy and things have just been great! I hope you enjoy this week's training because I certainly did.....despite the cold!

Marathon Diaries: Week 4

A pretty naff week, just didn't feel like it at all. I did a run with the Rep runners and 2 Barry's classes. I had a sports massage and had a fun night out with the girls in my family. Training will resume next week!....I say this every week, ugh!

Marathon Diaries: Week 3

This week it mainly rained and was very cold, obviously I was thrilled! I started the week with a long, moan heavy run (sorry!!) and ended it was an epic run at the Sussex cross country champions in Stanmer, Brighton. Can someone please tell me why it's necessary for XC runners to always be in a vest and shorts?! I had a great time though and I would take that over a long run any day!!

Marathon Diaries: Week 2

Hello! This week I mainly failed at blogging but I had quite a lot on at work and my camera ended up either not having any battery or memory card for the majority of the week. I mean, the equipment was just not working with me. I'm sorry...again! I did run though, 10 miles!! Woohoo

Marathon Diaries: Week 1

Heyyyy there, happy new year! I have been a bit MIA, I know. I needed a break after the half Ironman; I went on holiday, did a few local races and I have been super busy at work. But here I am! 2018 is going to be my marathon year! If you know me/follow me, you'll know I've tried to run a marathon for like 3 years now but this is it. I got into LONDON so it is happening, no excuses.

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