Marathon Diaries: Week 3

This week it mainly rained and was very cold, obviously I was thrilled! I started the week with a long, moan heavy run (sorry!!) and ended it was an epic run at the Sussex cross country champions in Stanmer, Brighton. Can someone please tell me why it's necessary for XC runners to always be in a vest and shorts?! I had a great time though and I would take that over a long run any day!!

Marathon Diaries: Week 2

Hello! This week I mainly failed at blogging but I had quite a lot on at work and my camera ended up either not having any battery or memory card for the majority of the week. I mean, the equipment was just not working with me. I'm sorry...again! I did run though, 10 miles!! Woohoo

Marathon Diaries: Week 1

Heyyyy there, happy new year! I have been a bit MIA, I know. I needed a break after the half Ironman; I went on holiday, did a few local races and I have been super busy at work. But here I am! 2018 is going to be my marathon year! If you know me/follow me, you'll know I've tried to run a marathon for like 3 years now but this is it. I got into LONDON so it is happening, no excuses.

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