Marathon Diaries: week 7

I've been sick still this week! It just won't bloody go away but I had Brighton Half Marathon at the end of this week and not doing wasn't much of an option so I sucked it up and got on with it. I ramble on quite a bit this week but it's a bit of an insight into me: chatty, scared of spiders, not a fan of turbo!

Marathon Diaries: week 6

Oh what a fail this week has been! I've come down with the lurgy so sorry for the very short, very non training-y video.
Hopefully back to normal next week!

Marathon Diaries: Week 5

It has been one cold, miserable week in London! I have had a great 7 days though; Barry's, boxing and a long run along the sea from in Brighton. It's probably been one of the first weeks in a while where I've been super happy and things have just been great! I hope you enjoy this week's training because I certainly did.....despite the cold!

Marathon Diaries: Week 4

A pretty naff week, just didn't feel like it at all. I did a run with the Rep runners and 2 Barry's classes. I had a sports massage and had a fun night out with the girls in my family. Training will resume next week!....I say this every week, ugh!

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